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Business Professional

Astrid - CMS conference - Brazil, Oct 2011As a published author, technical writer and public speaker in English and Spanish, I share thought leadership and Best Practices in the technology industry and to financial services professionals around the world. A business writer since 1992, my writing portfolio includes four books and numerous print and online articles and white papers. My business writing expertise adapts messaging for different audiences and includes white papers, newsletters, blog posts, marketing collateral and website content that optimizes SEO tools.

Cycling Chef

Cycling Chef - compressed - smallest - July 2012In my leisure time I am a cyclist, foodie, locavore, bookworm and wine swirler. I volunteer for nonprofit organizations that advocate environmentally friendly and healthy activities in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Since 2009 my blog, Cycling Chef in the VeloKitchen, has entertained readers with dozens of musings about slow food and slow bikes in literary nonfiction prose. As Cycling Chef I enjoy interacting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.