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Astrid - CMS conference - Brazil, Oct 2011I am a deliverable-driven consultant who transforms technical and business information into practical takeaways. As a technical writer/trainer and instructional designer, I organize, document, optimize, and communicate written content and training materials in English and Spanish. In the last 25 years, I have delivered professional services at hundreds of high-profile engagements for SMB to Fortune 100 clients in 30 countries.

As a writer, I enjoy sharing thought leadership and Best Practices in the FinTech and financial services industries. A business writer since 1992, my writing portfolio includes four books and thousands of pages of print and online content in English and Spanish. Understanding my audience is key to effectively communicating ideas and information, whether verbally or in writing.

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Astrid, Cycling Chef

Cycling Chef - compressed - smallest - July 2012In my leisure time, I am a cyclist, foodie, locavore, bookworm, and wine swirler. I volunteer for non-profit organizations that advocate environmentally friendly and healthy activities in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Since 2009 my blog, Cycling Chef in the VeloKitchen, entertains readers with musings about slow food and slow bikes in literary nonfiction prose. As Cycling Chef I enjoy socializing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.