Business Content

In the last 20 years Astrid Rial has written English and Spanish articles in published in Business Mexico, Call Center Times, Card Forum, Ciclo de Riesgo México, Ciclo de Riesgo Chile, Collection Adviser, Collections and Credit Risk, Collections and Recovery, Collector’s Ink, Credit Card Management, Credit Union Magazine, e-Contact, Entrepreneur (Mexico), Hispanic Marketing and Public Relations, Interacción, Online Recruitment Magazine and Southwest Collector Connector, among others.

English Writing Samples

Online article. “The Challenges of Spanish-Language Collections in the U.S.”  American Banker. Dec. 17, 2014. Web.

Print article. (Click to see PDF link)“Four Myths about Hiring Bilingual Collectors.” Collector’s Ink. California Association of Collectors. March/April 2014. pp. 22-4. Print and Web.

Linkedin blog post. Monolingual? Your Bilingual Team Faces Surprising Challenges,

White paper. “Five R’s for Raising the Performance Bar: Refresh, Restore, Revitalize, Remind and Renew.” Arial International.

Newsletter. “US Hispanic Customer Care – Fall 2014 Newsletter.” Arial International.

Marketing flyer. Translation Services. Arial International.

Muestras en Español

Boletín informativo. Boletín Informativo: 33 Mejores Prácticas. Arial International.

Avance del libro. Conocimientos de Cobranzas: Herramientas de Mejora.

Artículo impreso. “Nuevos Paradigmas en la Interacción con Clientes Deudores.” Ciclo de Riesgo México. Páginas 62-3.