Astrid RialPublished author in English and Spanish, Astrid Rial engages and informs business professionals with thought-provoking content and entertains readers in freelance articles and on her personal-interest blog “Cycling Chef in the VeloKitchen.” A professional writer since 1992, Astrid’s rich and diverse business and literary nonfiction portfolio includes four business books, technical writing, instructional design, training courses, content writing, blogs, and thousands of print and digital documents in English and Spanish.

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“Astrid is a highly professional expert in the collections field, with a deep understanding of the different approaches required in different cultural situations. As an author, she is insightful, and generous in sharing her knowledge and observations of best international practice, reliable and accurate, with a highly readable style.” – Tony Morbin, Editor-in-chief at Haymarket Media Group

“Astrid is an excellent, informed and articulate expert in the debt collection, lending and risk markets with an industry-leading knowledge and understanding of bilingual debt collection issues. She is able to simplify complex issues to deliver practical advice or high level strategy that gets results. She is industrious, reliable, delivers on time, and exceeds expectations.– Tony Morbin, Head of Content/Managing Editor at Lafferty Group

“I have had the pleasure to work with Astrid and her Company for more than a decade. During this time I worked for two different companies and her organization provided exceptional service to enhance the Spanish language skills and abilities of our front line collectors and managers at both companies. She not only had the foresight to be amongst the first in this field, but I believe she is also the best. She is a true professional with in-depth industry knowledge and she delivers a great product. It is my pleasure to recommend Astrid and in turn Arial International.” – Jack Byrne, former Director of Collections at CitiGroup and Sears, and VP of Credit and Collections at UAC

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